Your Horse’s Boots DON’T Have to Hold Water…

Nov 2, 2023

Bicton International, October 2023 and the weather is horrendous! Everyone has the latest waterproof coats on and the horses look amazing.  However their leg protection is made of neoprene, foam, or sheepskin and soaking wet!  Bicton in August the situation was the same but hot, and again the same kind of boots.

Wet can cause many problems, firstly weight adding strain to the horse, this will increase the risk of injury.  The damp environment can cause bacterial and fungal build up, particularly when the boots are re applied and still not dry.  Plus the comfort and mental well being of your horse can most definitely affect their performance and behaviour.  Just a few reasons why it’s so important to not under estimate the importance of the kind of leg protection applied to your horse.  Heating of tendons was on trend a few years ago and people were going crazy for it, the notion has now been forgotten, replaced by another trend of concern.  But this issue hasn’t lost its importance and neither has the choice we make relating to leg protection…..

Take a look at HUSK range in the comfort that you are investing in protection for your horses from not only impact, but also heat and wet…

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