Why buy HUSK?

Our products are 100% British made, eco friendly, and created from research and patented technology. There’s a reason why our customers keep coming back for more.

Why Husk

What makes us different?

If you’re looking for cheap, basic horsewear, you may want to shop elsewhere – our products are for equestrians passionate about performance, comfort and the very best materials, so that their horse can perform to the highest standard.

Patented technology

Our unique air technology is now patented, and classed as an Equine Skin Protector!

Kind to the planet

From our packaging, to how our products are manufactured, sustainability is at the centre.

Regular testing

We are proud to state that ALL of our kit is tested regularly to continuously prove the claims that we make.

Substance over fashion

Our products take into account breathability, temperature control, drying time and more!


The Patented Science Behind Our Horse Wear

Our research finds that leg temperatures rise faster and more dramatically than expected. The damage to tissue cells can be silent, but more destructive than we had ever imagined. This is why we put our effort into creating products that protect your horses at all costs.

Temperature Control

All of our products are made with NASA and Military Grade material that is more than just a simple mesh, and we do not use any insulating perforated neoprene foams, or plastics – PURELY BREATHABLE, vertically, laterally, and all around!

The inner and outer layers of the boots have a holed texture, for the movement of excess hot air and sweat, and these layers are held together by thousands of monofilament fibres creating, almost like the springs in a mattress, creating a clear passage for air to flow inside the boot also, which gives our products their unique thermoregulating ability.

We have carefully selected varying combinations of technical materials in relation to thermoregulation properties, texture, and thickness to create the best effect for each individual product. And we source the same material for every boot with our contract with suppliers of NASA and World Wide Military. These innovative designs are REGISTERED and the technology is PATENTED.

Impact Protection

The monofilament fibres found in between the layers of material work like springs in a mattress that spreads the force from any impact from a strike and weakens it to minimise injury.

HUSK material behaves differently to hard materials. Hard materials concentrate the impact at the site of the strike, unable to dissipate the force which can lead to shattering or splitting of the material. Vibration from strikes is not weakened by hard materials, and if they do not split at the site of impact, the material will transfer the vibration from the strike along the fabric to where it ends (as vibration wants to release into the air), however with horse boot, the material ends behind a knee. The full force of impact can be felt behind the knee and absorbed into the joint resulting in concussion injuries.


Horse’s skin is covered in nerves to enable the horse to know where it’s putting it’s body! The nerves on the skin send messages to the brain to signal position, and these nerves are able to send the messages after they have been stimulated by air particles. Therefore in order for the horse to be nimble, and know where its putting its legs, the legs have to have an abundant access to air.

If we limit the air flow in any way, we reduce the ability for the horse to achieve this. And the longer we limit the access to air, the longer the nerves are not utilised, the less efficient these nerves become later in life. So if we want a nimble horse, then we need to be sure to allow maximum airflow to the skin.

Light Weight

The material is super light, the La Irenita Air Boots are only 160g! This adds no unnecessary weight to the horse, and particularly with the leg protection, helps to prevent injury and slipping without compromising performance.

Quick Wash & Dry

All products are machine washable, and also scrub up pretty well with a pressure hose! They dry in up to 30min. No more hanging sweaty gear up for days on end to dry!

What Our Customers Are Saying


“The La Irenita Boots are incredible, I have sets for polo and for turnout and they’ve held up amazingly and the horses’ legs are still cool underneath.

Customer services is helpful and prompt, can’t fault anything.”

– Ginny Ludford Jones


“Now I’ve used them once I’ll never stop using them. He feels so comfy to ride and his legs don’t over heat. HUSK is the best invention!”

– Chloe


“Look at those legs… Wraps without wraps! Our horses get the best for their comfort and performance! This new technology that provides all the polo support your pony needs!”

– California Polo Club


“Obsessed and already had so many compliments! Perfect for the Texan heat!”

– Morgan, Vila Ecleta Polo


“I’ve just bought the boots and they are the coolest ones we’ve ever tried and in Southern Spain it’s very hot, so it’s really important. I will definitely order the pad for him!”

– Lynn