What is Thermoregulation? Why are HUSK Products Different from the Rest?

Nov 2, 2023

What is it about HUSK that makes our products different?

It’s a number of things, but in terms of the patented functionality of the kit, it’s the fabrics and combinations of them, and the law of physics!

With regard to the effect on heat and protecting horse and pony legs from this, the boots have a unique ability to trap the atmospheric air in-between the layers.  The layers are graded in terms of their density to trap the right amount of air in the right places.  As the horse or pony’s legs move, the air moves between the layers and starts to regulate the temperature around the leg, keeping the temperature at its most natural state, as if no boots were on at all.

You see we don’t want limbs to be too cool during exercise, because as with humans, they do need to warm up to mobilise the tissues without injury.  However if we get too hot, then the tissues become too mobile, overstretch and become weak.  It is then that injuries occur – later on – not straight away, as it’s the long term, irreversible weakening of the tissues that cause the damage.  So HUSK thermoregulates, unlike any other product out there.

What about impact?  How can a soft and relatively thin material product from such impact?  It’s the monofilament fibres between the layers, rather like a mattress with springs.  The bounce effect is the deflection of the impact away from the site out into the atmosphere, and any impact that is absorbed is softened and spread within the layers.   Clever HUSK boots!

Believe it or not, hard shell tendon boots are conductors of force for example, meaning they don’t deflect it, they carry it.  They allow it to travel along the course of the material and then leave into the atmosphere where the fabric ends, which in the case of a horse is a knee joint or fetlock joint.  So the force doesn’t travel into the atmosphere, instead it travels straight into the joint.  Dr Jorge MacDonough’s of La Irenita Polo Club lifetime of study shows that 85% of polo horses lose their careers through joint injuries, not tendon injuries.  Food for thought!

Hope this explains why HUSK kit is patented, why it’s different in how it works to any other product on the market……..

The other benefits which continue to add to HUSK’s uniqueness are that they are hand made in the UK, they use recycled and recyclable fabrics from NASA and military, and HUSK is very much a family business still with humans working behind the scenes rather than tech to make the most considered and loved products for horses.

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