UAE Polo Team Win UK Gold Cup 2023!

Nov 2, 2023

UAE Polo Team WIN Gold Cup Finals!

What a week!  The Gold Cup semi finals happened this week at Cowdray Park, Sussex between UAE, Park Place, Dubai, and Marques de Risqual, culminating in finals between UAE and Dubai.

I don’t think we have EVER seen polo like this in the UK!  It was nail biting, fast, and super tight!  The match of UAE vs Park Place was incredibly fast with goals being scored left, right and centre!  Tommy Beresford and Kayleigh Smith keeping Park place at bay to allow Barto and Lukin to storm up and down the field scoring goals faster than the score board could update!  The finals were even more tense, both teams strong and determined to win, with a clear game plan!  Lukin bringing out one of his best mares, Lady, early on in the match with some early goals to give UAE the first advantage.  However by the third chukka Dubai had pushed ahead, Jeta Castagnola in particular taking on the UAE goal scorers, brother Barto Castagnola, and Lukin Monteverde.  Jeta broke through the tight defense of Kayleigh and Tommy too.  It was incredible to watch this young 20 year old own the field.  However in the last few minutes in the last chukka Lukin Monteverde saw fire in his eyes and stormed down the field and planted an incredible goal to put UAE in the lead once more, he even scored another a couple of seconds after the end of play!  The horse power was incredible, and the horses were wanting to win more than the players, as Lukin’s horse powered him down the field!  Their blood was up, eyes bright, it was a joy to watch man and horse in ultimate partnership.

UAE are super proud to be using HUSK, making their first purchase 2 years ago, and then another this year to ensure that their horses are protected for the long term, as well as liberating their performance through the feather light technology that allows air to stimulate their skin.  This gives the horses the speed and agility that they need to win by those extra seconds, which is fulfilling for both horse and rider!

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