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Over Reach Boots
Over Reach Boots


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HUSK’s innovative designs ensure maximum comfort for the horse without compromising on protection. The 6 dimensional air technology weakens the force of strike impact from over reaching, keeps temperatures regulated against the skin, and minimises the holding of water, creating a healthier environment for your horse without compromising on protection.

HUSK upcycles exceptional quality UK made military and NASA fabrics to create these boots, and all materials used are hand-picked for their quality and durability. Our boots are ethically made in the UK with love, care and attention, and all quality checked before dispatch.

Strike Protection


Easy Clean

The Science Behind These Boots


HUSK uses the power of air stored in the pockets of its 6 dimensional technology. There is no need for heavy weight materials to protect your horse’s legs anymore! The air not only dissipates the force of impact, it also regulates temperatures and helps to sustain a healthy environment against the horse’s skin to minimise bacterial and fungal build up, particularly on the thin skin around the digital flexor tendons. HUSK do not use no turning knobs that put pressure on the deep digital flexor tendons, these boots protect from strikes to this area, whilst spinning freely as the horse moves not compromising their protection ability due to their scalloped shape. Our boots are designed to liberate your horse’s performance not limit it.

The testing process…

Temperature control

text here about specific saddle pad testing for temperature control


All of our products are made with NASA and Military Grade material that is more than just a simple mesh, and we do not use any insulating perforated neoprene foams, or plastics – PURELY BREATHABLE, vertically, laterally, and all around!


text about quality testing here

Washing & Care Instructions


All products are machine washable, and also scrub up pretty well with a pressure hose! They dry in up to 30 minutes. No more hanging sweaty gear up for days on end to dry!

• Machine washable on normal 30 degree cycle.

• Hose wash regularly over machine wash

• Shake out & brush away hair prior to wash for best results

• We advise washing in a wash bag

• Pull into correct shape whilst damp to maintain shape during drying.

• Please ensure the washing machine drum is large enough to safely accommodate the size.

• Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing.

• Air dry away from heat source (do not tumble)

Shipping & Delivery

Our orders are fulfilled on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you wish for your order to arrive sooner, please email us and we will do our best to help.


UK Domestic
– Royal Mail 2nd Class Tracked £5.12

For All International Deliveries HUSK Works with UPS
– North America £39.99
– Central America £48
– South America £65
– Europe £35
– Asia £55

Returns & Exchanges

We accept returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase. Please treat the products respectfully and ensure that the item is in a saleable condition.

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