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TITAN 3D SHIELD AIR Target Protection Boot (pair)

  • Black 
  • The most versatile boot around!  It can be fitted to either protect tendon or medial aspect of leg!
  • 2 layers of porous material to maximise airflow and spread force of impact, including an 3rd porous exterior impact shield to take the initial brunt!
  • Shaped carefully to protect the top and bottom of leg without limiting movement and comfort 
  • Comes in a set of pairs
  • Proven natural air technology provides thermoregulation without ice
  • Flexible, yet supportive
  • Hygienic - boots can be hosed or washed in a machine at 30 degrees
  • Quick dry - boots dry in up to 30min after total submergence in water
  • The most light weight of our collection so not limiting performance through weight
  • Stylish - Boots are designed to fit contour of horses' legs, designed to give maximum freedom of movement. 
Please visit our Fit Guide to find best fit for your horse or pony