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HUSK Thermoregulation Rug


  • Keeps horse's temperature constantly at its natural level
  • 3D porous material uses natural qualities of air to keep temperatures consistently comfortable for the horse, i.e thermoregulation
  • Quick dry action after bathing or sweaty work
  • Allows excess hot air and sweat to pass through the material - no sweat
  • The rug has detachable belly straps to turn it into an exercise sheet!  
  • Great for warming up, cooling down, travelling, and stabling. 
  • Tough material, yet super light, so less likely to rip
  • It's an essential space saving, multi purpose addition to every horse owner's tack room!

Please note that all HUSK items come in a sealed clear plastic bag. This bag is for hygiene purposes. If this has been removed and products have been applied to the horse, HUSK reserve the right to cancel the order based on the Consumer Rights Act 2015

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