HUSK’s FIRST Motion Picture! Launching “Connection” Range

Nov 2, 2023

HUSK was built on loving the horse, yet we still struggle to communicate this to people.  So we’ve taken a brave step to move away from colour tags and re define each colour by a value that we believe is important when it comes to interacting with our horses and ponies……..

The first is “Connection”

Enjoy and most of all FEEL! Love HUSK Team xx

A gentle breeze gathered at the bottom of my neck, stretching out across my skin making my hairs stand up straight. Autumn was coming. The leaves were starting to turn; the country lanes slowly melting into orange chocolate against the burning glow of the setting sun.

Her coat was fluffy, the longer, colder nights telling her that winter was on its way. I buried my fingers into her fur, reaching the warmth of her skin underneath; thousands of mahogany hairs allowing me in. We both took a deep breath into our lungs; our hearts momentarily syncing into rhythm and the whole world around us stopping for just a moment. Just a moment where nothing else mattered.

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