HUSK Supporting Women in Polo

Nov 2, 2023

Polo has been historically represented as a sport dominated by men.  However in recent years women have come to the fore with players such as Hazel Jackson, Lia Salvo and Nina Clarkin to name a few, not only holding their own on the field with long standing high goal men, but also creating a new generation of high goal polo for women alone.  Coupled with that the rise in female patrons representing successful women in business is showing that we are moving into a more balanced gender world.  A place where we have more of an equal opportunity to expand and reach our dreams!  HUSK being a brand created by women means that we wholly support and love this shift, and are working closely with other female creations such as Ladies Polo World Magazine to help spread the word…..

Link below recommends why HUSK should be an essential part of any polo player’s kit…..

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