Frequently Asked Questions

From product fitting advice, to washing and maintenance tips, we’ve covered it all in our FAQs below. If your question isn’t answered, please reach out to us by emailing and we will do our best to help.

How do I know what size boots to buy for my horse?

Please refer to our size guide below
to see the measurements for you to check against your horse to be sure.


Which type of boots do I need for my horse?

We would reply by saying what are you looking to protect? Does your horse brush? Then chances are you will use the Hybrid boots. Do you want an all-round protection like a wrap? We would suggest the Trinity boots for this. Show Jumper? We would suggest our open fronted tendon boots.

How are the boots protective?

Our boots dissipate the force of impact at the site of impact as opposed to hard materials that are a conduit for vibration, that is that they send the majority of force of the vibration away from the impact site to where the boot ends which in the case of horses is behind the knee.

How do I fit the boots to my horse?

Please refer to our fitting video:

Will the jump style pads fit my GP saddle?
Yes they do work with a GP saddle.
How do I wash the HUSK products?
We suggest as with any product not to wash too often as detergent degrades any fabric. The best maintenance is to hose the products down straight after use and hang out to dry, on a dry, warm day they dry as fast as 30min. If you want to put them in the washing machine, please attach all velcros and do not wash with any other Velcro product or hairy product. For whites, use a little Vanish and put in machine at 30 degrees on a delicate wash without spin setting. Do not over fill the drum so that the products are squashed.
How do I remove hair from HUSK products?
Brush after use with a horse-hair brush, or a pet hair removal product. The more regularly you do this the less the build up.