Ellie & Lucinda Fredericks Chat About HUSK

Nov 2, 2023

It was a few years ago now, we were supporting the South West Eventing team.  I had just finished a presentation to the riders, and as I was leaving Ellie and Lucinda came over to buy some HUSK Breathable Horse Boots!   I was so astounded I lost sense of time and forgot to race home to collect kids from school!

A few weeks later Lucinda left a message on my phone asking for me to call her.  I was so worried that she had some negative things to say about the kit as we were still so new!  I delayed calling until I felt brave enough to hear the news!  Yet to my surprise she LOVED the kit and wanted to meet to discuss working together!  I nearly fell off my chair!  I even took my mum to the meeting for moral support!  But Team Fredericks were, and have been a true delight, so I had no need to ever worry there.

Ever since Ellie and Lucinda have used and loved our Breathable Horse Wear, and we’ve created a short authentic video for you to hear what they have to say below…….


If you want to look at their favourite boots, here’s the link to the Air Over Reaches….

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