Breathable Boots for Horses – Why is it Important?

Nov 2, 2023

HUSK 6D Air Boots were one of the first Breathable Boots on the market, and HUSK are the innovators of the Thermoregulating boot, holding a patent for their technology.

Why Thermoregulating over Breathable?

Breathable is simply about the product having holes in it somewhere, it doesn’t define what effect this has on the temperature or air flow, it can just look breathable!  Thermoregulating is the actual effect that the boot has on the temperature, which is what we are looking to achieve.

HUSK 6D Air boots are so far the ONLY boots that are proven to regulate the atmospheric temperature around the horse’s legs, keeping it at a constant natural temperature as if the horse has no leg protection on.  That is to say, as the horse warms up, the legs naturally warm up too, as it is important to drive blood and lymph to the tissues to increase mobility and flexibility.  The temperature inside the leg reaches a plateau with no leg protection, so naturally, environmental temperatures effect the speed at which the leg reaches optimal temperature, so on a cold day it takes longer to reach the optimal temperature than a hot day.  However once leg protection is applied it affects the optimal temperature reached as well as the speed at which these temperatures are reached.

What Happens When Temperatures Rise too Fast?

The body likes balance, and on a cellular level if temperatures rise too quickly, it does not give the body time to adjust to the change.  This can increase the risk of injury.  Especially to tissue with less vascularisation such as tendons or ligaments.

What Happens When Temperatures Rise too High?

To put it crudely we are all meat, horses too, and on simple terms we cook!  So imagine a piece of steak exposed to too much heat and no air to dry it out, it starts to liquify.  This softening of tissue leads to over extension or flexion of tissue which can increase risk of injury and severity of injury.

What Happens When Temperatures are Cooled too Fast?

It’s the same as if the temperatures are heated up too quickly, the body cannot adjust fast enough and cuts corners.  The best solution is to keep temperatures as natural and constant as possible, and if changes happen to do your best to make the changes slowly.  For example the old fashioned warming up and cooling down exercise, not cutting corners and trying to speed processes up.

HUSK 6D Air Boots are rated one of the best boots for protection and temperature regulation on the market today.  The spring effect within the boots dissipates force of impact.  These boots are unbelievably light weight, adding minimal strain to the legs, as well as maintaining a level of flexibility to reduce the risk of injury through restriction and compensation.

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