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The HUSK. Visit British Polo player George Meyrick

It all started with a tweet from George to say that our HUSK. gear needed to be made available to polo ponies!  We were very excited to have such a successful polo player to notice our products.

George is one of the most recognised faces in British Polo having worked with brands including Matt Roberts Personal Training, Chestertons, Billecart-Salmon Champagne, Kennett Watches, Dukes Boots, Coast Clothing and MacWet among others.  George also has speared in a wide range of magazines including Tatler, The Polo Magazine, Polo Times, and Billionaire Magazine among many others.  George is the second most followed polo player online after Ralph Lauren model and professional polo player Nacho Figueras.

We arranged to meet George and his agent Aurora Eastwood, another successful polo player at Aurora's house near Winchester.  We arrived early to be greeted with a cup of tea, and most importantly, Aurora's baby Flora who was only a few weeks old!  We were temporarily distracted by her as she lay, all cuddled up by the roaring fire.....adorable.  George arrived, and like us, distracted by Flora.  It was very endearing to see as he picked her up for a cuddle!

We then turned our attention back to The HUSK. We started with the story behind the brand, and the science behind it.  We then passed the kit around the tables for George and Aurora to have a feel and a good look.  The pair were fascinated by the material, the fact it was light, yet so tough.  George mentioned that he had calculated that polo players can put up to 5kg on their horses' legs, our boots are 160g in comparison!  He was also impressed by our thermal imaging results.

George was keen to try the boots and bandages on one of Aurora's ponies, so we walked down to the barn. Aurora introduced us to her ponies.  The atmosphere was calm as they all stood in their large airy stables, ears pricked, covered in mud.....a sign of having a good time!  George picked the young bay, she wasn't used to having boots on, so this would be a challenge!  The bandages were the first test, they went on well as expected, but the real excitement was the boots.  George put them on, the young horse stood calmly, quite happy to have them on, perhaps as they were so light and soft.  After a moment of suspense, he looked up smiling....they fitted well, and he was most impressed with the fact they protected the fetlock on the back legs in particular, as the back legs get subjected to a lot of impact and strain.

As we walked back George told me that we had done well!  He was keen to know when he could have a set as his passion would be to introduce these pioneering products to the world of polo to benefit the health of the ponies in relation to protection without heat.

We are now in the process of preparing George's kit for the start of the polo season, so watch this space.... The HUSK. meets polo!

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