HUSK saddle pads

Basic Air Pad

HUSK's unique unrivalled PATENTED Air Pocket Sprung technology is designed to keep horses cool, reduce sweating, and reduce impact. The best breathable saddle pad for sensitive horses in particular. High withered to fit every dressage saddle. Why does your horse have to be uncomfortable when HUSK Air Pads not only look good, but keep your horse cool.

Easy to clean, even with a hose, quick dry, and durable.

Water Absorption

Our Saddle pad cloths have been tested by running water over the fabric to see the proportion of water passing through.

Temperature Control

Our saddle pads have been tested via individual case study reviews. After rigorous exercise, we test the cloths for sweat marks under saddle vs non porous girth.

Easy Clean

No matter how sweaty or grimy our pads get, a quick wash will get rid of any excess dirt. We have designed them to be incredibly quick drying too, to eliminate any chance of dampness or musty odours.

How do our saddle pads work?


The inner and outer layers of the pads have a holed texture, for the movement of excess hot air and sweat, and these layers are held together by thousands of monofilament fibres creating, almost like the springs in a mattress, creating a clear passage for air to flow inside the boot also, which gives our products their unique thermoregulating ability. Rather than a foam in the core of the pad to sustain the structure, HUSK Basic Air pads use a cotton wool effect material to enable greater breathability than other breathable pads on the market. Our designs are carefully curated so that the shape and fit of the pad is maintained despite the pad’s softness.

We have carefully selected varying combinations of technical materials in relation to thermoregulation properties, texture, and thickness to create the best effect for each individual product. And we source the same material for every boot with our contract with suppliers of NASA and World Wide Military.

These innovative designs are REGISTERED and the technology is PATENTED.


The monofilament fibres found in between the layers of material work like springs in a mattress that spreads the force from any impact from a strike and weakens it to minimise injury.

The saddle pad testing process…


HUSK Air Pads temperature regulating abilities have been tested continuously using thermal imaging guns alongside equine vets and professional riders to demonstrate the fact that HUSK Air Pads consistently demonstrate that they minimise additional heat to the horses’ backs.


HUSK Air Pads have demonstrated both elements in tests by showing minimal sweat under saddle after exercise.


HUSK Air Pads have been tested where by the pad is removed after exercise and the back is observed for any indentation or marks on the horses’ backs. In the case of HUSK, under a well-fitting saddle, HUSK Air Pads leave minimal marks on the horses’ backs to suggest lightness and comfort for the horse

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Happy horse, happy owner”

The product is really well made, it’s so soft and the horse absolutely loves jumping in it. It’s
been a game changer to reduce pressure from his saddle jumping.

– Laura


“Great saddle pad, keeps my ponies cool and comfortable”

– Debbie


“Love the Air pad that I just ordered. Even on the hottest days my horse stays dry!”

– Jessica

Washing & Care Instructions


All products are machine washable, and also scrub up pretty well with a pressure hose! They dry in up to 30 minutes. No more hanging sweaty gear up for days on end to dry!

• Machine washable on normal 30 degree cycle.

• Hose wash regularly over machine wash

• Shake out & brush away hair prior to wash for best results

• We advise washing in a wash bag

• Pull into correct shape whilst damp to maintain shape during drying.

• Please ensure the washing machine drum is large enough to safely accommodate the size.

• Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing.

• Air dry away from heat source (do not tumble)

Shipping & Delivery

Our orders are fulfilled on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you wish for your order to arrive sooner, please email us and we will do our best to help.


UK Domestic
– Royal Mail 2nd Class Tracked £5.12

For All International Deliveries HUSK Works with UPS
– North America £39.99
– Central America £48
– South America £65
– Europe £35
– Asia £55

Returns & Exchanges

We accept returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase. Please treat the products respectfully and ensure that the item is in a saleable condition.

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