Appreciating the Horse – My Story

Nov 2, 2023

We’ve all got many stories to share as to how and why we fell in love with horses, but I thought I would share mine, as it’s a huge theme in my life and led me to starting HUSK.

I was an only child, I lived in a world of dreams as a kid.  Our small suburban garden was a field, and every house we moved to I tried to convince my parents that it would be big enough for a pony!  My imaginary ponies fitted in there perfectly!  My parents were not horsey at all.  We lived near a farm, which was unusual for the outskirts of London, and often I would wander down the footpath as the fields felt so huge and made me feel so free.  I used to go and pet a little chestnut pony there called Woody, he made me feel understood without words, and it fascinated me!

The sound of horseshoes on the road when we used to picnic in what we called the countryside, a greenbelt just outside of London, made me run to where they were.  I would watch in awe.  It wasn’t the riders that I noticed, although I’m sure they thought I was admiring their riding technique, nor their tack, all I saw was the form of the horse and its energy.  I felt and saw a trail of magic dust around and behind them.  My grandad was obsessed with magic, and he used to perform a lot of tricks, and we used to watch magicians every Saturday night that we visited.  The magic of a horse however was greater than that, they transcend every perceived human barrier.

And for me this magical feeling has not grown old, I still feel it when I’m in their presence.  It makes me sad how we humans try to harness it and control it, rather than celebrate it and ride it!  As for me, that’s what horses want, they are completely free in their minds, they are born free, and I’m truly convinced that as much as humans see it as their challenge to control it and train it, horses see it their challenge to free us humans mentally and physically!

They know what we are thinking, even when we try to mask it, they feel it!  They don’t need to be near us to feel us either, nor do they need to be near each other, they are telepathic.  They see the world as I did as a child, boundless, full of opportunity with so much to explore, they are happy not to be in control, and I’m sure it fascinates them to see how humans are so obsessed with it!

So HUSK was born, to get that message across in a tangible form of products.  Breathable horse boots and saddle pads, products that allow the wind to flow in the horses’ hair once more, and to encourage humans to liberate themselves in the act of liberating their horses.  Encouraging people to remember the need for that feeling of freedom, not only for their horses, but themselves.  So consciously choosing products that minimise their horses’ restriction, whilst protecting them is, believe it or not, is helping to free the human as much as the horse!

It’s not about what the horse looks like, in their match matchy Le Mieux saddle pads and bandages, horses don’t care for that, nor armouring them up to the point of potentially more injury via restrictive, hard shell Dalmar eventing boots.  HUSK breathable horse boots and pads are all about what is right for the horse to help them perform confidently and comfortably, along with the protection that they ask for, as opposed to what we think they need, plus it’s all been tested to prove the claims made.  Watch how agile your horse is in the field, slipping and sliding in the mud with their friends, their bodies are made to be gymnastic and fast, and cope with it too.

Think about it!  Stand with your horse, close your eyes and feel, recognise the feelings that they give you.  Ride and close your eyes, drop the reins, feel who your horse really is and love it.  Let’s get back to what it’s all about!  Galloping in open fields, beaches, woodland, playing in the arena and laughing, challenging yourself to jump a ditch, canter down a hill, wind through un touched paths in the forest.  Remember why you fell in love with horses and nurture it.

Louise x

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