Air flow necessary for young horse legs

Nov 2, 2023

A fantastic article by German Vet Gerd Heuschmann who speaks of training a horse not to break!  Again Gerd follows HUSK theory of working with the horse as naturally as possible and explains beautifully the factual reasons as to why.

Some quotes from the linked full article below that we at HUSK really wanted to highlight……

“Please don’t do this, but it you would take off the skin of a horse, you cannot see the long back muscle. You see a white layer over the loins and in the area in which we sit – it is the back fascia which connects the long back muscles with the very strong muscle systems of the hindquarters, these are muscles that work together to flex and to stretch the haunches. But what I want to say is, if at this centre of movement, the back is not loose, then it influences the movement of the hindquarters, and because this muscle goes from the fascia through to the humerus this also influences the forearm. The natural gaits are influenced by the situation of the back.”

“From the first beginning of the weight bearing phase, the horse must be able and willing, to place the major joints deeper, and to come out with more expression, more impulsion, with more energy. Try it yourself, flex your haunches and walk for half an hour – it’s hard work! The horse that is not trained to have strong extenders, has no chance to flex the haunches. This is why the old riding instructions say for the first two years, ride the horse forward. The old guys did this for two years, cross-country, and outside. No-body thought of taking a three year old into the indoor arena, to pull on the rein and ride it up. They gave the young athletes the chance to go forward, to strengthen the muscle systems, so they could get collection later on. This is the only real chance to get collection.”

HUSK breathable horse boots and saddle pads follow the same theory.  They are light with minimal restriction to allow the horse to perform freely and naturally, without minimising on protection.  The HUSK breathable products have proven and patented airflow technology as well as protective abilities, and are the only boots to protect legs whilst allowing a constant stream of air to pass not just to the leg, but around it, giving the most natural environment possible.

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