2.7kg Axe Test on #HUSK boots vs Competition

Nov 3, 2023

We know how breathable our #HUSK Air boots are, but we are often asked how protective our boots are.  When people see the results of our impact tests, many are fascinated by the fact that HUSK boots are so protective without having a hard shell, a strike plate, or a thick body of material.

How is this possible?  The material that we use has been hand picked by some of the best material manufacturers in the world, that supply NASA and the military.  We make the boots in the UK by hand with material experts and designers, we even use high quality cottons and bindings sourced in the UK, not in the Far East.  We oversee every step of production for quality control, and we regularly assess our methods, materials and designs seeking constant improvement.  Some of our materials are recycled and most recyclable also!

The test:

We used a 2.7kg Rough Neck Axe dropped from a height of 70cm each time onto firstly just a bare sleeper of wood, followed by a series of horse boots, including HUSK La Irenita II and I boots, on the surface of the wood to see how they protected the wood from the Axe.

We assessed the level of protection by looking at the damage to the boot, on the exterior and interior, and then we looked at the depth and width of the dent in the wood.  The dent with no boot was the placebo, deep and narrow dent, showing the concentration of force at the site of impact.  The wider and shallower the dent, the more effective the boot was at dissipating the force of impact.

We recorded the test for everyone to see, we found the results are astonishing!

TAP ON THE LINK to our YouTube below:


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